Cloud Solutions & Services

The Challenge

  • The Company, a Fortune 500 Global Corporation with offices over 200 countries in the world, has been using enterprise software leveraging on-premises or intranet development & deployment model over multiple decades.
  • Multiple lines of business and departments within the corporation initiated Cloud Strategy and Projects. Organization has been heavy user of Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle.
  • The corporation lacked experience in Cloud Strategy, Integration, Deployment and Migration model and this led them to accumulate multiple Cloud based projects to jeopardy status. They engaged 3 Consulting Companies but each was fired within 6 weeks of engagement.

The Solution

  • RadiumSpark’s Enterprise Cloud Solutions expert was invited to rescue troubled $5,000,000 under-performing International Taxation vendor based SaaS project. Within 1 month RadiumSpark’s expert identified that this project will incur loss of $10,000,000. After performing detailed analysis based on his input, client agreed to shut down project, thereby saving potential loss of $5,000,000.
  • Client further invited RadiumSpark to rescue similar troubled under-performing vendor based Cloud/SaaS project, budgeted at $5,000,000; its 3 prior Enterprise Cloud Solutions experts were let go within 6 weeks of engagement. RadiumSpark’s litmus test was to stay there for 6 weeks, not only did we stayed there 6 week but over a span of 1 year guided the client an their Cloud initiative went live successfully in 3 countries ready to go live in 20 more countries. This involved diligent study of 2 disintegrated departments and a recommendation to cross pollinate Senior Leadership between their Line of Business and IT department, in regular Governance forums, leading to successful internal alignment within the corporation, one of the most important first steps leading to successful delivery of this initiative.
  • RadiumSpark successfully delivered the Cloud Strategy, Roadmap, Technology Integration, influenced the internal client Organization alignment, led the Design, Planning, Build, Deployment, Data Migration, Change Management, Transfer to Operations for the whole effort.

The Result

  • The corporation now has a centralized Secured Enterprise Cloud (SaaS) solution for all employees worldwide, adding efficiency in their ecosystem by replacing multiple heterogeneous systems which did not talk to each other, by single SaaS solution which provides centralized record keeping ability to each and every employee, contractor & vendor in each country of this corporation.
  • Gave the corporation the ability to start applying Corporate standard worldwide, and ability to centralize record keeping, running metrics, and ensuring good health across the board, thereby improving the overall health of their associates and further helping improve the organizational productivity.
  • Eliminated data center footprint and refresh aging infrastructure. Moved to opex-based IT service delivery model with improved processes for change management, security, release and patch management. Full disaster recovery support. The project is live today!!!