The Challenge

  • Client, a Fortune 500 corporation, losing over $10,000,000 annually in dual taxation. The ecosystem was relying on use of multiple small applications and vendor solution (provided by one of the Big-4 consulting company) to process expatriate job offers and payroll. All applications were using manual interface to each other. Manual massaging of data led to inherent delays in data exchange, data quality issues and finally issues meeting the service level agreement. There was an opportunity to add efficiency in the whole ecosystem.

The Solution

  • The challenge for RadiumSpark Inc. was to work with the Leadership of Global Expatriate Management Department of this corporation and Leadership of their vendor (one of the Big-4 consulting company) to successfully complete 1, 3 & 5 year strategy to lean the business processes and automate the integration of applications, eliminating possibility of human error and to design, develop, a SLA compliant Secured Cloud (SaaS) solution that will work as foundation for replacing several of the above existing heterogeneous systems, and help simplify the process of adding complex job offer and payroll workflows for each and every country of this Global Corporation.
  • The new SaaS system needed to be integrate with existing ERP systems and a vendor provided workflow engine to create a fully integrated system that would enable the Global Expatriate Management Department to manage the hiring of right candidates moving around 200+ countries. RadiumSpark Technical Experts needed to manage and plan systematic conversion and migration from several existing systems modern re-engineered automated systems. This is a major undertaking for this large corporation.
  • The entire system is designed, built, configured and implemented to provide the needed integration with existing ERP systems with phase wise implementation one system at a time without disrupting the day to day life of the over 10,000+ expatriates in 200+ countries in this large enterprise environment.

The Result

  • The corporation now has a fully automated, integrated Expatriate Job Offer and Payroll Processing system keeping track of all the 10,000+ expatriates worldwide, adding efficiency in their ecosystem by re-engineering the decade old multiple systems thereby increasing the agility of the processes, improving data quality and saving $10,000,000 on annual tax adjustments.
  • Gave the corporation the ability to start institutionalizing better Service Level Agreement with their clients, thereby allowing Expatriates to move to their destinations as per the planned needs further helping improve the organizational productivity.
  • The project is live today!!!